Brudadoug - In My World chords

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song-in my world
transcribed by-Pam Steele

G     Em    C      D     G
in my world- no one ever dies
          Em    C      D           G
and we'll laugh- long before we'll cry
          Em  C       D        G
I'll love you- long before I'm there
           Em    C            D       [G Em C D] 2X
I'll run to you- 'cause you've always cared

G  Em    C      D     G
in in my wor-or-or-or-orld
   Em    C   D
in in my worl-d [repeat]

G     Em    C      D           G
in my world- beautiful is Your name
        Em    C          D      G
no other one- could ever do the same
          Em    C       D    G
I need You more- than I ever have
            Em  C     D    [G Em C D] 2X
You bring me up- when I am sad

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