Brudadoug - Aloha Hello Aloha Goodbye chords

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Aloha Hello Aloha Goodbye by Bruda Doug
Transcribed by: Jason Guillory

Timing: 3/4

  G           C/G  D   D
A bothersome, busy day,
     G               C/G       D   D
when words are, just too far away.
   G            C/G    D      D
My dreams carry me, to Nanakuli,
 G            C/G         D   D
asleep in the bed we both made.

  C2      C2       G          D
I miss....those....warm sunny days
     C2         C2                G          D
when you....and me....were at the beach everyday
    Em                  D
the sand in our toes and both of us know: we'll re-
C2       D        G
turn the following day

G           C/G      D   D
Drinking is only one way,
     G        C/G      D   D
to escape the existing day.
             G           C/G       D   D
But when the bottle runs dry, it's still you and I and to-
G         C/G    D   D
morrow is on the way

  G                   C/G  
I'll sing to you everyday,
    Em                 D
the sun comes up, on a warm mornin'in.
    G                      C/G  
I'm watchin' your eyes, as I play tonight, and to-
Em               D
morrow is on the way

G               C/G       D   D
These words are my way to say:
   G        C/G       D   D
'I love you more with each day.'
      G        C/G      D   D
Stand silently still, I know how you feel, 'cause
G        C/G        D   D
darlin', I feel the same
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