Brudadoug - Some Dreams chords

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song: Some Dreams
band: Brda'Doug
tabbed by: Russel B Heinl{mota-mouth 209!}


verse 1:
C     B/C  Am          F    
Michael....Michael the archangel, I
   C   B/C  Am          F 
forgive you....for the deadly arrow,
C     B/C  Am          F 
that you....shot those years ago, leaving
C     B/C  Am          F 
me alone....'cause fin'ly I've met you

C                   F   C
feeling a day brand new
Am    F
some dreams
      G        G
really do come true
        F       G
yeah, I love you- I love you so....

C     B/C  Am          F 
Michael....I played a song for you,
C     B/C  Am          F 
I played though....I'd something else to do


     F             G
come close....come near....
  F         G
I diapears-my fear....fear
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