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Brudadoug - A Mothers Prayer To Find Her Son chords

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song: a mothers prayer (to find her son)
artist: bruda'doug
transcribed by: Russell D. Steele
tuning: normal

Intro chords: [Em D C Em] then [Em D C B7]

Vrse 1:
Em                          D
she lays in bed at night....but she is no where near sleeping,
    C                            Em
her hands are folded tightly....feels more and more like a dream.
Em                          D
if he'd just call her.... she knows that she'd be okay,
    C                            B7
when forty miles....feels a million years away.

          Am                                 (Em)
Going the distance, just this, vision in her mind
Em           (Am)                                Em
so long from visits, just this, corrupt concept of time

                        Am              B7
It won't be long, she'll prove everyone wrong,
                      Am                 [Em D C Em]
God, let me find my from any harm

Vrse 2:
Em                          D
shes sitting at her desk.... just staring at a screen,
Em                          D
this life is such a mess.... it's not how it should be.
Em                          D
if he'd just call her.... she knows she'd be okay,
Em                          B7
because her sons' alone.... now nintey miles away.


Em                               C
When she finds out that.... he's only so long to live 
Em                               C
she won't accept that....and folds her hands again!
Em                               C
a mother asks for give her son a cure,
Em                               C
she looks outside of herself....Jesus please help him once more!
and when the test comes back,
everyone's amazed....
except for the mother,
God kept her baby safe....

and thats it.
Truley an inspirational song, too. By the way, the B7 can be played as a D, too-
it's kinda fun that way! Enjoy!
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