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Brudadoug - Well Danielle chords

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Song: Well, Danielle
Band: Bruda'Doug
Album: disCovering an eXtraordinary Mind
Transcribed by: Kayla Martinez

Intro: C Em Dm F-G 2x

C                      Em
Lost inside your eyes, losing track of time
Dm                       F             G
kneeling near your mind, touching you inside

C         Em
Well....I wish you well
           F                         G                          (C)
close your eyes and hold them tight, it's the beginning of your life

Intro 1X

C                         Em
Nestle near your cheek, beside the mouth that speaks
Dm                       F                 G
listen to you think, now won't you feel my heart beat


F                     G     C                  F  G
Slowly your eyes meet mine- show me the softer side
F                         G               C                           F  G
Watching the way that you live your life, know inside it can never be right


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