Brudadoug - Adventures Of A Frisbee chords

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song: The Adventures of a Frisbee(words by Shel Silverstein/music by:Bruda'Doug)
artist: Bruda'Doug

    C               C
the frisbee, he got tired of sailing
Am             C
to and fro and to;
    C                C
and thought about the other things
     Am               C
that he might like to do

Chorus 1:
       F                   G
so the next time that they threw him,
   C                   Am
he turned there in the sky,
    F              G
and sailed away to try and find
     C                   Am
some new things he could try

Verse 2:
   C              C
he tried to be an eyeglass,
    Am                       C
but no one could see through him.
   C             C
he tried to be a UFO,
         Am       C
but everybody knew him.

Chorus 2:
   F             G
he tried to be a dinner plate,
    C           [B/C]  Am
but he got cracked and quit.
   F             G
he tried to be a pizza,
        C         [B/C]      Am
but got tossed and baked and bit


 [[[[[[[[the chords are the same as the verse  and then when the flute comes in it does 
the chorus chords]]]]]]]

Verse 3:
   C              C
he tried to be a hubcap,
        Am                C
but the cars all moved to quick.
   C             C
he tried to be a record,
        Am                C
but the spinnin' made him sick.

Chorus 3:
   F             G
he tried to be a quarter,
    C           [B/C]Am
but he was to big to spend.
      F                  G
so he rolled home, quite glad to be
  C            F    G   [[C]]   ends on the C---JUST LET RING OUT FOR A MINUTE

have fun girls! -----kATIE p.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
a frisbee once again
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