Bruno Mars - Who Is chords

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This is my first time... 
Standard Tuning

C / Em / Am / G / F

         C                Em
Oh I was perfect, For the circus
       Am        G      F
If she did me, I do it, Love makes you stupid 
  C                              Em
I gave it up, But I guess it was not enough 
          Am           G    F     G
Cause she never seemed satisfied     

  F            C                               G
I know I'm not perfect, But at the end of the day 
    Am    G
Who is ? 
           F             C                      
She wanted someone thats perfect
       G                           Am    G
Well Okay, But can you tell me Who is ?
    F     G     Am
(Oohh x2)

(Verse 2) 
    C                  Em
She set the bar, Just above the stars 
  Am              G                F
A rocket couldn't reach it, But I still kept on reaching 
    C                          Em
She watched me try, At least a thousand times 
       Am              G           F    G
If she loved me, She'd stop me But noo 


F                 E
  I saw something worth my future 
C      G      Am     G
  So wrong So wrong 
F                  E
  In my mind I was the reason
      C         G     Am     G
But i guess I wasn't wrong 

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