Bruno Mars - Somewhere In Brooklyn chords

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Dont know the names of the chords (except for F), so go easy on me. but here they are. 
Just these four chords repeated throughout the song. this is how bruno plays it in the 
studio versions on youtube.

     A            B            C            F

        A                      B
She was covered in leather and gold
C                F
Twenty one years old
  A               B
I lost her in the cold
     C             F
It's unfair, she's out there
A          B          C            F
Somewhere, somewhere, somewhere in Brooklyn
      A          B          C            F
She's somewhere, somewhere, somewhere in Brooklyn
A                   B
Little miss perfect sitting at the train stop
C                  F
Red nike high tops listening to hip-hop
A                     B
While we were waiting started conversating
C                     F
Before I got her name along came a train
A   B    C           F
(oooooooo) next stop Brooklyn
A   B    C         F
(oooooooo) now I'm lookin

And so on...
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