Bruno Mars - Treasure chords

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tabs by: Andy


[ch]Cm/G#[/ch]         4x554x
Bb            xx333x
G#            46653x
Cm7           x35343
don't know    xx6546

I'm basically way too lazy to write the whole song when
theres only one riff in it so here it comes!

[ch]Cm/G#[/ch]         [ch]Cm/G#[/ch]       [ch]Cm/G#[/ch]          Bb         

G#            G#          G#             [ch]Cm/G#[/ch] 

Bb            Bb          Bb             Bb          

Cm7           Cm7         Cm7            Bb

And the i don' know chord comes in the beginning and
before the chorus.
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