Bruno Mars - Gorilla chords

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gorilla bruno mars
capo 2

Am                                     Am/G
Ooh I got a body full of liquor with a cocaine kicker and I'm feeling like 
I'm thirty feet tall
   Ab           Bb 
So lay it down, lay it down
Am                                       Am/G
You got your legs up in the sky with the devil in your eyes
Let me hear you say you want it all 
Ab          Bb      
Say it now, say it now

Em                  Am                     D  
Look what you're doing, look what you've done
But in this jungle you can't run
Cause what I got for you
I promise is a killer, you'll be banging on my chest
Bang bang, gorilla

F                      Ab           Bb 
You and me baby making love like gorillas
F                      Ab           Bb 
You and me baby making love like gorillas

 same chords         
Yeah I got a fistful of your hair
But you dont look like you're scared
You're just smiling tell me daddy it's yours
Cause you know how I like it you's a dirty little lover
If the neighbors call the cops, call the sheriff, call the SWAT we don't stop, we 
keep rocking while they knocking on our door
And you're screaming give it to me baby
Give it to me m-therf-cker

(pre-chorus & chorus)

Em                           Am       C/G
I bet you never ever felt so good, so good
                                   Am         C/G
I got your body trembling like it should, it should
F                                                G  C   Bbsus2 F
You'll never be the same baby once I'm done with you
                           Ab         Bb 
Oh you and me baby making love like gorillas
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