Bryan And Katie Torwalt - Weight Of Glory chords

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Weight Of Glory (Bryan and Katie Torwalt) 71BPM
┬ęBryan and Katie Torwalt 2013

verse 1

Em      C                G 
We have seen the way You move, 
Em       C               G
Full of Goodness full of Mercy
Em      C          G 
We can never get enough, 
Em        C                 G
O God of Grace, Great God of Love

D        Em              C
Let the Weight of Your Glory
D         Em           C
Come and settle on us now
D         Em                 C
We stand in awe for You are Holy
D         Em            C
And Your Kindness overwhelms

verse 2

Em         C                G 
As we see Your signs and wonders,
Em         C             G
Signs from Heaven up above
Em         C                  G 
You draw us in You pull us closer, 
Em          C                   G
into the depths of Your great Love


  D      Em           G        C
Be lifted up, you heavenly gates
  D        Em         G        C
Be opened wide, You ancient doors
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