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Bryan Ferry - All Night Operator tab

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(Bryan Ferry)
Intro: B  G#m  E  F#  B  G#m  E  F#

 B                 G#m
Can't you hear me talkin' to you?
     F#                   E
I'm callin' you one more time
All night operator
           A       F#
Dial me a better line

Can't you hear me talkin'to you?
Do telephones make you cry?
I try to write letters
Only my pen runs dry

Though my words sound so confused
The feeling is running strong
Stick tight operator
Help me to pass it on

as version
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C#m             A
    A final connection
        C                F#
    A bridge before the fall
D#m             B
    Receiver unrestin'
       G#            C#
    I count on your call

Am I just a number to you?
A handful of empty sighs
All night operator
Reader between the lies

as version

    With half the world dreamin'
    I see through your eyes
    A switchboard breathin'
    A diary of crossed lines

Can't you hear me talkin' to you?
I'm callin' you one more time
All night operator
Dial me better line

If you feel me driftin' away
Slippin' into my song
All night operator
All of a sudden, gone.

as version  |x2 to fade
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