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Bryan Ferry - Nobody Loves Me tab

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(Bryan Ferry and David A Stewart)
Intro: Fm  C#  Fm  C#
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When the heat is on you rant and rave 
Your poison pen your shotgun slave 
You realize life's not the same 
 F#                D#7
Your tortured sighs they fall like rain
Fm              C#  
       Nobody loves me
       Nobody loves me

When the cold wind blows I think of you 
Your emerald eyes your golden shoes 
You walk away from my rage 
On the flaggy shore I watch the waves

       Nobody loves me
       Nobody loves me

Vermilion sky I don't think so 
A cigarette and voices low 
What should I do - what could I say 
What's goin on, let's drift away 
       Nobody loves me
       Nobody loves me
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