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Bryan Ferry - One Way Love tab

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(Bert Russell and Jerry Ragevoy)
Intro: Eb  Bb  Eb  Bb

Eb                       Bb
I thought I could find the kind of girl
Eb                             Bb
Who'd think that I was the only guy in the world
G                            Ab
No more half-hearted kisses, oh that's bad enough
   F                            Ab   Bb  Eb
Oh-oh-oh, no more teardrops, no one-way love

Don't look for someone who likes to love fast
You know that that kind of love will never last
If she's fast and furious, oh that can be tough
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Oh-oh-oh, no more teardrops, no one-way love

                 Ab                           Eb   
Well, there are girls who like to cheat and flirt
               Bb                Eb
Those kind of girls are worst of all
          Ab                     Bb          Ab       Eb
How they lie, you know how they hurt 

Take it from me I know what I say
I'll find me a girl who don't like to play
The game of heartbreak, well that's mighty rough
Oh-oh-oh, no more teardrops no one-way love
Ab   Bb  Eb            Bb           Eb           Bb     
One-way love             One way love...
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