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Bryan Maclean - Kathleen chords

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			     Kathleen - Bryan Maclean

*The little riffy thing played throughout the song is: C Cadd11 C Cadd9

Kathleen, Kathleen, If I could talk to you
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Kathleen, Kathleen, and it's as if you knew
Bb                      F          C
Your pretty little eyes are full of tears
Bb                 Dm                        C
Oh and I never thought you'd run away from me
Bb                                    Dm
That ugly thought never did cross my mind
           Bb   C            Bb      C  Bb                C           Bb   C
for I believe that things had been the way you'd want them to be
                     Em    Dm             G                                 C
I felt that love was enough       and Kathleen if I could only talk to you
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