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Bryan Maclean - You Could Be Here chords

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"You Could Be Here"
by Bryan MacLean,
from his album "Candy's Waltz"

Music transcribed by J. P. Valentine

Well you could be here
G7M			     D	      G7M
Someone else could be in your arms
Maybe you smile
G7M			    D          G7M
But inside you're just breaking apart

C                         	         Dsus4
Baby don't keep it inside anymore
C                                                         Dsus4
Haven't you heard that's what friends are for?

Would you tell me the truth?
G7M			D		G7M
Is there someplace else you'd rather be?
D			G7M		D		  G7M
Why would I want to hold you in your attempt to break free?

C					Dsus4
Well you and I both know love can't be that way
C				     Dsus4	
Even if deep inside I wish you'd stay
Baby no, don't look that way
You know I can't take it  when you cry
Darling oh, it's going to be okay

D		   G7M
It's gonna' be okay
D            G7M       D        G7M
And I'll still be here for you
D		   G7M
And I'll still love you

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