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Bryan White - Someone Elses Star chords

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(A7)(D)           (A/C#)4th (G)            (D)  (G)
 alone again tonight without someone to love stars are 
    (A)          (D) (Em)              (A7)(D)         (A)
shining bright so one more wish goes up oh i wish i may
      (G)              (F#m) (G)         (A)  (D)       (Bm)
and i wish with all my might for the love  im dreamin of
    (Em)   (A7)  (D)
and missing in my life.

    (D)                    (A/C#)4th (G)              (D)
I think that i could find true love of my own it 
(G)        (A)      (D) (Em)          (A7)       (D)
happens all the time to people that I know their wishes
         (A/C#)  (G)               (F#m) (G)           (A)
all come true so ive got to believe that there's still some
        (D)     (Bm) (Em)        (A7) (D)
one out there who is meant for only  me.

  (A)             (D)      (G)          (A)     (D)   (A)
i guess i must be wishin on someone else  s star   it seems
                (D)             (G)               (A7)      (A)
like someone else keeps gettin what im wishin for (CODA)why cant
            (D)         (G)     (A)        (D) (Em7)
i be as luck  y as those other people are   i guess i must be
(D/F#)(G)   (G/A)3rd fret
wishin on someone elses star.

i sit her in the dark and stare up at the sky and i cant
give my heart one good reason why everywhere i look its
lovers that i see it seems like everyones in love with
everyone but me.
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