Buck And Deanne - Hymn 85 chords

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Hymn 85
by Buck & Deanne - www.buckanddeanne.com
Copyright  Paul Buckberry 2010

INTRO: B F#m A E F#m E

Verses alternate between E major and F#m:

Like a tale from a Lawson memoir, in a car full of questions and time: 
You go driving to the festival like Barry Mackenzie
with nothing but a hat on your mind. 
She appears in the church with a voice that's haunting, 
like a dream that waking-up won't shake. 
This story rivals the pages of a bible or Finnegan's Wake. 
      A                                                    E
Oh is it, or is it not divine? Sing Hymn 85. Back to E major and F#m...


B                     F#m            A            E  F#m  E  F#m
Hello...hello, hello, hello, hello...every time I wake
     B                         F#m           A      E  F#m  E  F#m
I'll never, never, never, I'll never, I will not forsake.

Hold on F#m  then back to E major and F#m and so on...

But there's no time to get acquainted, so you save her face and voice to mind. 
You slip back to the jungle and chase the frothy bubbles, 
til the work's done and the long wait's behind. 
In the pubs soft pumpkin glow, she's sipping Bordeaux, 
the face from a thousand doors ago. One moment in mystery, 
you make history, with your first hello. 
         A                                   E
A chorus line sat in the pines singing Hymn 85.

Interlude:  E F#m G#m A to CHORUS:

2nd Interlude: B F#m A E F#m E

Hold on F#m  then back to E major and F#m and so on...

You share a bed thru all 4 seasons, and the limmerance to love burns strong.
You've thrown away your clothes, turned your back and thumbed your nose
on the dismal gates chained tight by song. 
But though the future's blank, no one should ever bank 
that love will fill the numbers with paint. 
Hands on your hoe or the stream won't flow, not for sinner or saint.

   A                                     B
Together, you dig or dive, singing Hymn 85...to CHORUS repeat twice

Outro: E F#m G#m A G#m F#m E
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