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Buckethead - Jump Man tab

Monsters & Robots

Tabbed by TMFiore (leave corrections as a comment)

h = Hammer-on
p = Pull-off
* = Natural Harmonic
{} = Pinch Harmonic
X (upper-case)= mute note
x (lower-case)= stop note after played
b = bend
r = release

  *Repeat 8 Times*


Just the intro for Jump Man in a web-format, that way you won't need software. You play
same thing for the other parts of the song that have the same riff. For the effects, the
thing I know that sounds similar is fuzz, but I don't know how to get the filtered 
Use your best judgement.

This may seem strange when looking at it, but if you know the song well, you will know
is right. If you don't think the pull-offs are there, then you must be partially def.
it slow if you need to get the feel of it.

Post corrections as a comment.

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