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Buckethead - Stick Pit tab

Contains all of the song but the section starting around 2 minutes 51 seconds, he 
do that live anyway.  Also, live, I've noticed, he tunes everything flat, as of late.

-----------------------------------------|  Intro and later Lick 1

------------------------000-0h1-0h1-0h1--  Lick 2-|
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--------5-----------5-----5--------------  Lick 3----------------------|  On Lick 3, lightly
-----------6-----6-----------------------  palm mute, and for the 8th--|
--------------7--------------------------------------------------------|  fret on the low E, you tap
---8--8--8--8--8--8--8--8----------------------------------------------|  with your pinky each time.
 Light Palm Mute                           You pick the other notes,
                                           put tap the 8th fret on low E.

Also, on lick 3, it will occasionally proceed each note up 1 fret or half step, or down 
it changes it up.
I will not tab that as it is pointless, just listen to the song.
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