Buckinghams - Where Did You Come From chords

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Where Did You Come From Ė the Buckinghams
Tabbed by Zack Feldman
Donít expect this to get a lot of hits, but I hope some get enjoyment out of it!

D               A                       Bm                  A
D             A                 Bm                 D/F#      F#m   G   A  

D                               A
Where did you come from? 
Bm                    Em
If youre real I can't believe my eyes 
A                  D
Just like a summer rain 
Em                         A
You caught me by surprise 
D                       A
Where are you goin? 
Bm                  Em 
Pretty girl with lips as red as wine 
A                  D
Im gonna follow you, my love 
Em                   A              D
Till I make you mine, all mine 

                          A                         D
Now that you're near, we have so much to do 
Bm                      Em                                 A
Take my hand & hold on tightly; I'm not losin' you 

D                     A
Where did you come from? 
Bm                      Em
Lets go back together right away 
A              D   
I cannot wait to tell the world 
 Em              A            D
That I fell in love today 


(Repeat second verse)


I fell in love today, yeah 

In love today, oh yeah 

In love today, yeah yeah 

In love today
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