Buddy Holly - Peggy Sue Got Married chords

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Peggy Sue Got Married
(I think this was recorded in Ab and can be played as below with the capo at fret 
4. If you prefer it higher or lower, shift the capo. AJS)

Capo IV

Intro (backing)
E   A                E           A               E
Doot da doo doo doot do doot doot do do do do do do

Verse 1

E                  B7
Please don't tell, no, no, no,
A                E    B7  E
Don't say that I told you so.
A              E      B7     E      A E B7
I just heard a rumour from a friend.

Verse 2

E           B7
I don't say that it's true,
A                     E B7 E
I'll just leave that up to you.
A              E          B7   E     A E 
If you don't believe I'll understand.

C          D  E     B7     E           
You recall the girl that's been,
   A            E       
in nearly every song.
C            D E
This is what I heard, of course
     F#7           B7
The story could be wrong.

Verse 3

E              B7
She's the one, I've been told,
A                   E    B7 E
Now she's wearing a band of gold.
A             E           B7     E   A E B7
Peggy Sue got married not long ago.

Instrumental (chords based on verse)


REPEAT VERSE 3  and add line  
A             E           B7     E   A E B7 E7
Peggy Sue got married not long ago. 
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