Buddy Holly - Loves Made A Fool Of You tab

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The Rhythm of the guitar is really easy to pick up if you listen to the track. All the 
basically phrase it.

Iím not sure if this is the actual key of the original recording but it defiantly works 
as well.

Buddy Holly Ė Loveís Made A Fool Of You

A D A    (clap)   A E A X2

A               D        A       A E A
Love can make a fool of you
A               D        A       A E A
You'd do anything it wants you to

D                  Bm
Love can make you feel so good
D                       Bm
when it goes like you think it should
A                   F#m
Or it can make you cry at night
D                       E
when you're baby don't treat you right

A                  D        A       A E A
When you're feeling sad and blue
A                       D        A       A 
you know love's made a fool of you

**The two soloís are the same chords as a verse**

All the rest of the song is just those chords but with different lyrics over the top!


Tom Durkin
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