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Buffalo Tom - Blue tab

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Buffalo Tom : Blue (written by Matt Piucci)

This is the B side to the Sunflower Suit 7" Single and a B side track
on the Crawl 12".  I think its also on the CD reissue of their first
album 'Buffalo Tom'.

This song is played on the accoustic and is mainly just strumming D and
Dsus2.  I havent tabbed out this strumming, just alternate randomly
and it sounds fine.  I have annotated this strumming as D<->Dsus2.

Chords Used

     D   Dsus2   C    G

The song is as follows -

===> Verse 1

Its blue, down my street

C                G             D<->Dsus2
Just like people you might meet

Its true, on her face

C                  G          D<->Dsus2
The loneliness you cant escape

C                  G               D<->Dsus2
and who could ever retake her place

===> Verse 2 and 3

She wore, a little ?????

C                    G         D<->Dsus2
Seemed like life had just begun

found out, on the phone

C                   G         D<->Dsus2
then we knew we were all alone

C                        G              D<->Dsus2
and all our tears wouldnt bring her home

===> After verse 3 play the following 4 times

C                        G              D<->Dsus2
and all our tears wouldnt bring her home

===> Between the verses strum D<->Dsus2

===> After the verses continue strumming D<->Dsus2 and then
===> to finish play the following

     let ring         let ring     let ring

This sounds O.K to me.  If anyone has the lyrics missed out (?????) can
you mail them to me or post them please.  Comments etc always welcome

see ya

Ryan Johnstone (
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