Bugsy Malone - Bugsy Malone chords

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C            E
He's a sinner, candy-coated
For all his friends he always seems to be alone
F                G               G
But they love him, Bugsy Malone 
C             E
A city slicker, he can charm you
     F                    Fm6
With a smile and style of his own
C         Am     G7          C
Everybody loves that man, Bugsy Malone (Repeat)

B          B                       Em     
            Hot-headed Bugsy makes his mind up
Em             Bm            A7
Don't mess with Bugsy or you'll wind up
A7                           D7
Wishing you'd left well enough alone
Fm6                            G
He's a man, a mountain he's a rolling stone

3rd verse (from the start and then fade out)
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