Building 429 - Not Gonna Let You Down chords

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Capo 3

    G                              C
If you could run, where would you run to now
                 G                  C
Where would you hide now that the truth is out
       Em            C              Em                C
And I know the fear you feel And I know that this is real, but

G                         C
Please don't run from me Cause everyone needs somebody
Em                       C      G
Please don't run from me now I won't leave you
C                                   Em                       C   
You're never alone wherever you go Please don't run from me now
                             G  C
(Cause I'm not gonna let you down)1st time only

 Verse 2
     G                        C 
This is the hope that you've been longing to know
        G               C                     Em                   C
God is alive and He's never left you alone So hold on through the tears, and



So come back, come back to life again
Where we can be forgiven
 G                    D
We're almost home so don't let go
This is what we've been waiting for
He is the hope that heals the world
       G                  D
We're almost home, so please

repeat CHORUS

              G                   C
Lift up your soul, don't you let go
              Em              C G
Lift up your soul, never let go...
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