Building 429 - We Wont Be Shaken tab

I have only seen chord charts for this song. I have listened to this song a ton of 
times, and this is very, very close. This is the live version with some flourish from the 
record, so it's a combination of the easy and the hard for an intermediate playing level.

Capo 3 for record. If you want to match Jason for the live versions, capo 2.

Play these chords for a rhythm guitar track.
   Em7   Dsus                G/B   C2

Verse/Pre-chorus (Play these chords with an open high E string): Em7, Dsus, G/B, C2

Chorus (Full chords now): G, D, Em7, C2

Bridge: D, Em7, D, C2

Hope you enjoyed my tab. God bless you, worship guitarists!
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