Bullet For My Valentine - Livin Life On The Edge Of The Knife tab

Bullet For My Valentine-Livin' Life (On The Edge Of The Knife)
Album-Temper Temper

This isn't the solo,but its the last chorus and outro to the song.
The outro gives me chills and i think its fucking awesome,i hope this helps!

* Palm mute

A---------------------- \
F---5------------5-----  \ Repeat
C-0-5-00000000-0-5-0000  / 2x
G-0-3-00000000-0-3-0000 /
      ********     ****
  ^ ^          ^ ^
(Rhythm is easy to work out.)

Theres some kind of bend but not sure what it is.

A----------- \
F-8----8----  \ Repeat
C---12---12-  / till end
G----------- /
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