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Bush - Testosterone tab

Song: Testosterone
transcribed by:  | Michael R. Oliver |

music verified by  ********Jaclyn Julia Salomone*********
(That means, I played it for her and she said it souned fine.)

print it out on NOTEPAD for the tabliture to come out correct

This my 5th song that i transribed (or attempted to transcribe) off the
Sixteen Stone album.  This song is yet another great song written
by Gavin Rossdale, this song really isn't that hard.  If you have
any information about Bush touring the New York City area, please
please e-mail me.  -=-=-=-=-=-here is the song=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Guitar parts:
these are all the chords used in this song (i think)
C |-----| D |-----| F |------| F# |-----| G |-----| A |-----|
  |-----|   |-----|   |------|    |-----|   |-----|   |-----|
  |--5--|   |--7--|   |--10--|    |-----|   |-----|   |-----|
  |--5--|   |--7--|   |--10--|    |--4--|   |--5--|   |--7--|
  |--3--|   |--5--|   |--8---|    |--4--|   |--5--|   |--7--|
  |-----|   |-----|   |------|    |--2--|   |--3--|   |--5--|

G# |-----| F |-----|
   |-----|   |-----|
   |-----|   |--2--|
   |--6--|   |--3--|
   |--6--|   |--3--|
   |--4--|   |--1--|

part A (verse):
E |-----------------------------------------|
B |-----------------------------------------|
G |--5---7---10--7---5--5--7----------------|
D |--5---7---10--7---5--5--7--4---4-4-4--5--|
A |--3---5---8---5---3--3--5--4---4-4-4--5--|
E |---------------------------2---2-2-2--3--|
the verse progression goes C-D-F-D-C-D-F#-G

sometimes, the guitar stops playing and the bass plays the verse
like this:
G |-----------------------------------------|
D |-----------------------------------------|
A |--3---5---8---5---3--3--5----------------|
E |---------------------------2---2-2-2--3--|
and the guitar comes in and plays chords every once in a while
-=-=-i'm sure you are all smart people, you'll figure it our-=-=-=- 

part B:
this part comes in around the lines "never been wrong....."
E |------------------------------------------------|
B |------------------------------------------------|
G |--5---7-7-7---5---7-7-7---5---7-7---------------|
D |--5---7-7-7---5---7-7-7---5---7-7--4--4-4-4--5--|
A |--3---5-5-5---3---5-5-5---3---5-5--4--4-4-4--5--|
E |-----------------------------------2--2-2-2--3--|
so the chord progression is C-D-C-D-C-D-F#-G

part C:
this part comes in around the lines "got a big gold gun....."
E |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
B |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
G |-----5------5---7---7-7---------2---7-7---------2---7-7---------2--|
D |--7--5---7--5---7---7-7--6-5-x--3---7-7--6-5-x--3---7-7--6-5-x--3--|
A |--7--3---7--3---5---5-5--6-5-x--3---5-5--6-5-x--3---5-5--6-5-x--3--|
E |--5------5---------------4-3-x--1--------4-3-x--1--------4-3-x--1--|
so the chord progression is A-C-A-C-D-G#-G-F.....and so on...... 

part D:
this is my pitiful attempt at the little semi-solo
E |--3h5-5-5-5--3-5-----------3--3h5-5-5-5-3-5s7-7-5-5s3---------------|
B |-----------------5--3--3h5------------------------------5-5-3h5-5-5-|
G |--------------------------------------------------------------------|
D |--------------------------------------------------------------------|
A |--------------------------------------------------------------------|
E |--------------------------------------------------------------------|

E |-------------|
B |-3-5-5-5-3-5-| (this is the end give or take some 5's and 3's and
G |-------------|  bends and stuff, there is also two pick harmonics
D |-------------|  in there when he is playing at the end)
A |-------------|
E |-------------|
this came out pretty fucked up.  I couldn't hear the first couple
of seconds of it and the end part is all messed up, but you can work
with it, i'm sorry, i just don't have the time to work with it, if i 
decide to redo it, i will post it.  Oh behind the little "solo" the
guitar strums what i believe is an F-Chord in the background. 
Sorry, that really sucked dick big time (my attempt at the solo of 
i'm a man
i'm real proud of my manhood
i like to smoke
ten thousand cigarillos
eight ball
i could climb any fountain
i never cry
i only bawl when i'm losing
and i've never been wrong
never been wrong
i'm looking so good
looking so good

got a big gold gun
got a big gold bullet
and i guess you could say
i'm real full of it
i'm real full of it
i'm real full of it
you wanna see my peccadillos
hot dog 7:30 every morning
and i'm big into war
big into war
big into war

i am a whore
i am a whore

got a big gold gun

is shave with gilette
shave with gilette
and i'm patting my back
patting my back
got a big gold bullet


any suggestions, corrections, requests, comments, additions, 
subtractions, personal letters, problems you want to talk out, 
help on your homework, feeling lonely and need a friend, questions
in general on anything in the world, or maybe, THANK-YOU notes
just e-mail me. have fun with the song 
p.s.  does anybody know of any Bush bootlegs? if so please, please,
please, e-mail me (, thanks, oh by the way, next time 
you want to refer to your "balls", "nuts", "nuggets", etc. 
try using the word "swingers" for them, it sounds more sofisticated
(hope i spelled that word right) and is frankly better.

====remember print it out on the NOTEPAD to come out correct====
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