Butch Walker - Closest Thing To You Im Gonna Find chords

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this is the chords with the full song i made


B|-------0---3----------------3--0-------| ( used as X in the song)

C  G  C  G

G                                C
california girls they have a way
G                              C  
of moving their mouths just a certain way
G                                 D
saying things that always seem so right
             C                      G   
but when the shine wears off at the end of the day
    Em                          C 
i'm left with the tab and not a word to say
          G                  D                G   
because i see your face when they turn out my light
     C                          G                  Em   
so i keep another night by this fire and drink some wine
X                                            C  G  C  G
it's the closest thing to you i'm gonna find
 G                                         C
new york ladies, they drive men crazy
G                                  C 
can't keep up, i'm from the south and lazy
G                                        D
this town stays open too late for this old bum
     C                              G  
and maybe it's because it's got too many faces
 Em                               C
crammed like fishes in compact places
 G                 D                          G 
this is why all of them seem desperate and alone
   C                                 G                  Em  
so i pick back up the cigarettes, but only for the night
X                                            C  G  C  G
it's the closest thing to you i'm gonna find

C  G  C  G
Em  C  G    Em
X  C  G  G

 G                                         C
georgia girls took all my pennies
G                                    C 
every time i come back i fall from many
G                                      D
i wake up and wonder i ever left here
 C                                G  
when they spend all night with a drink to the face
 Em                            C
get caught up in politics and race
 G                    D                                  G
i just smile and shove the cotton further down my ear
   C                                         G                                         Em  
and my hands are full of the sticky stuff from your backyard georgia pie
                                                   C G C G
it's the closest thing to you i'm gonna find
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