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Byrds - Natural Harmony tab

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Natural Harmony   

A7      /G   /A      /G
Fallin┤ free, me and you 
Am           G
Happenin┤ so graciously 
Am              G      /F#   A
You can┤t hurry natural harmony 
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A7      /G   /A      /G
Feel so free, wider than me 
Am                  G
Seems just like the day of birth 
Am         G       /F#      A
Our first awakening to this earth 

Dancing through the streets side by side 
Head thrown back, arms open wide (open wide)

Going home, almost gone 
Merging with a grain of sand 
Try hard to catch us if you can 

Dancing through the streets...

by: JosÚ Duarte
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