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Byrds - Spanish Harlem Incident tab

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Written by Bob Dylan. This is The Byrds version.

Intro: G C G

      C                 G
Gypsy gal, the hands of Harlem

       C               G
Cannot hold you to its heat

              C                   G
You're temperature is too hot for tamin'

             C                       G
Your flamin' feet are burnin' up the street.

C3rd G3rd     C3rd     G
I am homeless come and take me

C3rd   G3rd          C3rd       D
to the reach of your rattle and drums.

C      G          C       D       G
Let me know, babe,   all about my fortune

      C       D        G       C  D [strum eighths] G C D G C G
down along my restless palms.

      C                  G
Gypsy gal, you got me swallowed

       C            G
I have fallen far beneath

           C                G
your perly eyes so fast and slashing

         C3rd     C       G
and your flashing diamond teeth.

    C3rd     G3rd       C3rd     G
The night is pitchblack come and make my

C3rd      G3rd       C3rd     D
pale face fit in the place of pleas.

C      G          C      D      G
Let me know, babe,   I'm nearly drownin'

        C       D          G      C  D G C D G C G
If it's you, my lifeline's trace.

G3rd      C3rd      C    G
I've been wondering all about me

G3rd C3rd       C        G
ever since I've seen you there

        G3rd           C3rd     C          G
on your cliffs of your wild cat charms I'm riding

  G        C3rd            C          G
I know I'm round you but I don't know where.

C3rd     G3rd      C3rd     G
You have slayed me you have made me

C3rd        G3rd            C3rd   D
I've got to laugh half ways off my heels

  C      G          C         D     G
I got to know, babe,  oh will you surround me

         C            D      G     C  G
so I can know if I am really real.

When it says 'C3rd it means' C on the 3rd fret.

Overall, enjoy!

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