Cadet - Precious One chords

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Capo 2

Intro: and Verse Riff.

Play C chord, while playing this on the B string.  Repeat with Dm chord on the e string.

    C   C/B                    Dm             G

Verse 1:

C               Dm           G                  (C  Dm  G)
You are so far away, but i'm so close to you.

C                     Dm             G                  (C  Dm  G)
Your hands cover your eyes, but mine reach to hold you.


C        Cmaj7    G               C
Precious one you know how much i love you,

C        Cmaj7   G                 C
that is why you know how much i miss you.

Verse 2:

C                     Dm                G                  (C  Dm  G)
You are scared of the light, which can break all your fear.

C               Dm      G
I'm here right here my beloved.

Repeat Chorus


(Single strum)
Am           G               C            F    F F                
     I re - member when you used to sere -nade me 

(Play Dm like the Verse)
Dm *      G        Dm *     G 
with our song it's been so long

Am        G             C              F      F    F
   I will never forget how you always smiled When you  

Dm *        G         Dm  *         G      G 
knew I was near, but know I'm still here.  I'm right here


(C  Cmaj7  C)

Repeat Chours

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