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Caedmons Call - Gathering tab

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===============================                  =========================
The Gathering---Caedmon's Call-------------------Transfered by Asa Gaston
===============================                  =========================

*Capo 1st fret*

Note that in the verse, only the top four strings are played.

Chords (not relative to capo)

  C7     C    Em     F     G   FaddG  Am    C2

Intro- Use a hammer on to switch from the C7 to C
C7 C C7 C Em F  

Verse 1 
C7 C C7 C Em F
C7 C C7 C Em F
G  FaddG  G  FaddG  G  FaddG  C7 C  G  C7 C  G

repeat intro

Verse 2

C7 C C7 C Em F
C7 C C7 C Em F Em F

Bridge- strum once
Am    C7    C2    Am    C7    C2    Am    C7    C2

Repeat Verse 2

Repeat chorus twice and end on C
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