Calexico - Fractured Air tab

Fractured Air (Tornado Watch)

Tabbed by Kris

      Am        Dm
e --------------------5-------|
B -------5----5----6----------|
G ----5------5--7-------------|
D -7--------------------------|
A ----------------------------|
E ----------------------------|

Am             Dm
From the delta to the plains
Am             Dm
Storms touching down again
Am             Dm
Devil's hiding in the house
Am             Dm
Angel's in the rain

Am         Dm     Am          Dm
Corrugated lovers swimming on the wire
Am                   Dm
Switching on and off the breakers
Am              Dm
On a night like this
C      G         Dm
No one should be alone

       C         G
In the fractured air
   Dm           C        G
Misfired from a distress flare
All the while searchlights reconcile
                     Am     Dm
Cut their losses and run

Am              Dm..........
Clinging to the rooftop
Losing track of days
Devil's up in the attic
Angel's lost her way

Must've misdialed the number
Or the telephone's died
Lost you in the darkness
And never heard back
Dropped out from the night
Like a stone

Falling from the fractured air
Misfired like a distress flare
All the while searchlights reconcile
Cut their losses and run
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