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Calexico - Slowness chords

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CALEXICO: Slowness 
(album: Carried to Dust, 2008)

This is a beautiful tune off the Calexico's 2008 "Carried to Dust" album. It was 
nowhere to be found tabbed on the Net, so when I discovered a good solo acoustic 
rendition by Calexico's own Joey Burns, it went without questioning... The video, 
by the way, is here (worthwhile):

There are still a few parts of the song where caution is advised - in the kinda 
pre-chorus line and then at the end of the chorus. Those parts are hard to figure 
out from the video, but you can simply rely on my version transcribed here - it 
works (I promise:-).

Juraj, Slovakia (

    C  Em Dm G  F ?/G# Am D* Fmaj7 C/B G/B

 C                         Em
Miles of highway poppies, a stretch of maybe flowers
Dm                  G
Past Signal Hill a ways
 C                           Em
We were parked and searching
                     Dm                  G
For a hubcap rolling into the fields of thorns

F           G       ?/G#     Am      D*
Although we couldn't see a thing that night

C  Fmaj7   C  Fmaj7
Stars still shone
         C        Fmaj7
In their slowness
And their slowness
C/B    G/B         C
Took us by surprise

 C                 Em      
If I never told you how you helped to rescue
Dm                   G
The car and all inside
 C                           Em
Remember roads were steep and
                          Dm                       G
You and I went sliding down the grade from Gate's Pass

F       G     ?/G#      Am     D*                        
You asleep and me behind the wheel hovering
C  Fmaj7     C   Fmaj7
  In that slowness
And that slowness
 C/B    G/B       C
Has never gone away 

(VERSE chords) [solo/melody/whistle] C Em Dm G x2

F           G       ?/G#     Am      D*
Although we couldn't see a thing that night

C  Fmaj7   C  Fmaj7...
Stars still shone, stars still shone, stars still shone,
         C        Fmaj7...
In their slowness, in their slowness, in their slowness...
And their slowness
C/B    G/B         C
Never gone awa-a-ay
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