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Calexico - Half A Smidge chords

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In the interest of honesty, these chords have been provided by the Chordify 
service. They *should* be correct. This song is an excellent example of Calexico's 
lighter side. Enjoy it! 

Note: Please pay attention to the strumming style in the original-- I can't really 
transcribe it here, but it makes the fairly simple chord progression more interesting.

C        G              F
When the evening sun is setting low
C        G           F
Blinding you on your drive home
C       G                F
And the lanes of traffic all converge
C        G            F
Causing you to curse every other word
Em     G           C
For to wish it all away

        (pause briefly, then slowly sweep downward with pick/one finger on C)

C     G                 F
Daily grind's got your screw stripped
C         G             F                  Em    G
No can of double-ya-dee forty can fix your situation
      C               F
Seems to be losing steam

C       G               F       G
Dream's been dropped on credit cards
Am  C           Em                  F
And false hope pumping out of your soul
F        C      G                F
Like oil in the gulf it's a dead end
Am       C                 F
Drive it further deep into the ground
G                 F           G
Till the point's dull as your skull
        F    Em           Dm
And the same sun that you curse
            G            C
Powers your hybrid heart home

(more lightly now):

C            G
If only this car could move
Half a smidge
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