Calexico - Panic Open String chords

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                              Calexico - Panic Open String
Album : Garden Ruin (2006)
Tempo : 72
Tabbed by: newg

You can alternate the G with C7M9/G (320010) a the end of the measure.

Intro :

           G                       G
Panic open string, power grids blackout
                 G                   Am
Birds all fly in numbers down to the ground
             D                      G         G
Reassure the blades of green, green grass

                G             G
Season's still asleep more or less
                G                 Am
Wind is gearing up for a reckless ride
             D                 G           G
Leaning accidental on nature's side

                G                    G
Propeller power fields, solar panel sides
                   G                          Am
Lightning bolts connect, it's with you I will go
           D                    F        C
I close my eyes and the seasons pass

 C    Em       F      C      C    Em     F        C
Above the cityscape,     the city out of reach
C     Em       F      C   C   D         G          G
Way beyond our lives,     far below the Green     

                  G              G
My dreams are all blue, so is my heart
                    G                      Am
Light up screens of you, if you could only see
                 D                  G         
Time's dreams escape, late into the night

                G                  G
When the stars align reminds me of you
                      G                           Am
Words will lose their fear, And I will find their truth
                    D                         F      C
Church bells in the hills they will ring and ring

C       Em     F      C        C     Em       F       C
Ocean's on the coast      will cling to their host
    C        Em       F     C   C    D             G       G
The sun will split in two,      sink thru an empty sky

G                        Am
It's where we'll go when we
D                      G  (Let ring)
  Leave this place and die  
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