Calexico - Spokes chords

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Just a strum friendly rendition, enjoy.

Bb                           Fm

Verse 1
Eb                               Bb    
Started Talking to a couple of weathered strangers
F                                Bb
sittin' down on motor cycles, we passed on the highway
Eb                              Bb
stepped into, the service station
       F             F         F          F              Bb     Fm            
took a piss, bought water, got fuel till you arrived

verse 2
Eb                   Bb
blood is flowing and mountains are blurring
          F                           Bb
there is something stirring, way down inside
Eb             Bb
barely know my home base home
          Gm                            F  (pause)
seems I'm rarely there for any share of time

     Cm                Ebm                   
the neighborhood's the same, 
                      Bb                   F 
they all remember my name, holding no reservations
     Cm                Ebm               
the newness is wearing in

                    Bb              Gm
I check my eyes to see if they have spokes
 Bb             Gm      Bb               Gm
see if they are moving, see if they have spokes
 Bb              F      F   F    F  Bb  Fm
see if there is some where else to ride

(slide from D-Eb)  D- Eb     Bb   F    Bb  
Eb               Bb
Barely know, my air base home
           Gm               Gm          F     F  F   F  Bb  (end on Bb)
Seems I'm rarely there for any share of time, before I ride
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