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Calle Kristiansson - Walking In Memphis tab

Tabbed by: Tensby
Song: Walking In Memphis
Artist: Calle Kristiansson

Note: I've been looking for tabs for this song ever since I saw the guy on Idol
but I couldn't find anything anywhere so i believe that this is the only tab available
for this song (except for the one I uploaded earlier).

Also, here is the whole song live if you want to see how he plays the rest of the song, 
I think there's a bridge in there somewhere which isn't too hard to figure out, enjoy!


I think this is what he's playing at the end of the version above, it sounds pretty good.

     Cadd9 Dsus    G9     Em7

Capo on 6th fret

    Cadd9    Dsus     G9       Em7         Cadd9       Dsus     G9       Em7

And so on and so forth, repeat the second column throughout the song.

[The X's means that you hit the palm of your right hand on the strings to mute them,
creating a "clicking beat" which is very easy once you get the hang of it.]

The Chords look like this:

 Cadd9   Dsus   G9     Em7
  -3-    -3-    -3-    -3-
  -3-    -3-    -3-    -3-
  -0-    -2-    -0-    -0-
  -2-    -0-    -0-    -2-
  -3-    -0-    -2-    -2-
  -0-    -0-    -3-    -0-

Notice: Keep your ring- and little finger on the 3rd fret on the bottom two strings,
chord playing does occur troughout the song.

Have fun!
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