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Camera Obscura - A Sisters Social Agony tab

Artist: Camera Obscura
 Album: Underachievers Please Try Harder
  Song: A Sister's Social Agony

Tabbed by: James


  D                  Bm           G            A
D|12----------------|9-----------|5-----------|7-----------:| x3

  D                  G     A      D

    D             Bm        G       A
you bruise like a cherry my darling girl
D               Bm         G            A
words they mean nothing to some in this world
D             Bm                G        A
I want you to know I thought of you last night
D            G  A  D
and I cried.

D          Bm             G        A
play indie rock if that's what you want
D                Bm            G             A
quote Mike Leigh films it will turn them all on
D                   Bm       G       A
I heard that you're going on a first date
            D     G  A  D  D7
well that's great

G      A   D  D
don't apologize
G        A        D      D7
try your best not to despise
G      A     Bm    C
to get misty eyed
you know that its fine
you know that its fine

D Bm G A x3
D A G D7

D                  Bm              G    A
sometimes it feels like you're the only one
D           Bm             G            A
a freckle appeared on your lip from the sun
D                   Bm              G       A
those kids that you hang with, they put you down
        D     A  G  D7
make no sound
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