Cap A Capo - Existence chords

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Song: Existence
Artist: Cap A Capo

Riff (play during intro and chorus)


[Verse 1: ska strumming]
A                           E
Sitting here thinking about Existence,
F#m                      D
Starting to realise that life is so meaningless
A                    E
But I got this stupid human brain
F#m                           D
Gotta make it stop thinking or ill go insane
A                          E
I'm stuck on the theory of time now
Fm                            D
If the universe infinite then where does time fly now (woah man)
A                               E
But I guess it doesn't fuckin' matter
Fm                  D
Could we comprehend if we got the answers?

[Chorus: same chords, regular strumming]
No! Woooaah...
No! Woooaah

[Verse 2: same chords, ska strumming]
And if there was a heaven in the sky, I
Wouldn't change my life,
Not even try, cos I know
I hate the God-Squad crowd
and I don't wanna share their cloud but
We all turn to compost when we

[Repeat Chorus]

[Repeat Verse 1]

[Repeat Chorus x2]
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