Capital Kings - Youll Never Be Alone chords

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This song is usually a dub-step song. It's always fun to make an interesting 
rendition to it though. It won't be completely perfect, since the original has no 
guitar, but nevertheless, enjoy, and God Bless!!! 

(Capo 6)

        C              G              D/F
I'm the street lights that guide you home
               C               G         D/F
 I'll be the GPS when you've lost your phone
                         C              G            D/F
 I'll be the song that's rockin' into your headphones
                  Am                 D
I'll show you the signs to let you know

                 C    G
 You'll never be alone
                Em   D/F   
You'll never be alone        

(Rapping... PLAY C, G,  Em,  D THROUGHOUT).

Hey let me start it off by saying this
 You mean everything to me, nothin' I wouldn't risk
 Every single second or moment that passes by
 I'm thinkin' about you and really want you to know that
 There's something more out there
 Something that will hold you very tight when you're scared
 Cause I know when times get tough, and it starts to feel rough
 It can feel like everything's crashin' down on ya

           C                                   Em     
So when it seems like every road you're on has hit a dead end
          Am            D
There is hope, let me show...    (repeat chorus)

Man crazy how you got this far
 I'd be sittin' just wonderin' where to start
 Last week you were sayin' that somethin' just ain't right
 Layin' in your bed stayin' up all night cause
 This life is harder than it seems
 But one thing I've learned is never stop chasin' your dreams
 And if it ever gets too hectic for you, stop for a second
 And remember one thing... (repeat bridge and after, chorus) 

C                     G                            
Sometimes life is an ocean, we're just tryin' to float
 Em                      D
 We get caught in slow motion from the undertow
 C                           G
Sometimes the path to choose is right in front of you
 You just gotta let go... (chorus)

Thanks hope you liked it! :)
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