Capital Lights - Mile Away chords

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      F                    C                             
I'm a mile away from where I belong, 
      Dm               Bb
I'm a mile away from home.
    F                  C
I'm lying awake at the thought of you gone
          Dm               Bb
And I'm a mile away from home.

Verse 1:
F                               C
On top of the world he thought, let down when he hit the spot.
Dm                             Bb
Dead stare in the mirror as he drove.
F                           C                              Dm
Had room for growing up, he got cold feet so he had to run
To a city with a history of love.
        F             C               Dm
Knowing she relies on me but I'm on
My way to an unpredicted fall.
F                          C
Feet under the covers now, lips sealed tight till I hear a sound.
Dm                            Bb
The sound of a soon redeeming call.


Verse 2:
      F                                               C
Now I know I never dreamed to be a movie star but I'm hiding in the Hollywood hills.
I've learned regret from a cowards mouth
Wouldn't let her know how I feel. 
     F                             C
Held up and I'm stuck in line, can barely get around on the 405.
Dm                                   Bb
Headed downtown in a half-full automobile.
        F             C                 Dm                     Bb
Now but deep inside I see the light, I'm a runaway victim left alone.
F                                  C
At night though you lay so far, we both stare out at the same old stars
Dm                             Bb
Wishing for direction where to go.


C                                       Bb                       F    C
Oh, but I could never forget the guilty look in your eyes at the end.
                                                 Bb                      F
I walk the line like a merry-go-round, thought I learned but I lost you again.
Dm                      F                          Bb
And all at once, if the world stops spinning maybe you could let me win.
C                                       Bb                       F
Oh, but I could never forget the guilty look in your eyes at the end.

(Instrumental:     Dm            F              C)    x2

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