Captain Were Sinking - Kmd chords

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                             KMD - Captain Were Sinking

So I'm sorry if the lyrics are off, I couldn't find them anywhere and had to write 
them myself. This song is pretty easy, just strum the chords however you want to make it your own.

Tuning: Half Step Down

Inspiration Im losing my mind
Every answer that they gives another question in my eyes
    G                             C
Unaffected, I'll head back to the place I once called home
A decision's all I need as I'm looking off the edge
Don't take it literal, it's just a metaphor
G                                            C
My throats closing up my voice is giving out yeah

When the blast destroyed the city

The impact carried the ashes
Why do we burn into the pavement to line the streets in place of city lights
G              C
A hospital gown in place of clothes
G                C
And an empty room with the TV on

Em        D       C
How can I dream tonight
Em           D        C
When I can't sleep at night
Em          D
How can I expect to put up with the 
G                           C
endless frustrations of the loss of another day
Em        D       C
How can I dream tonight

G                                     C
With a feel good song and a ticket to hell
G                               C
Ill drain the bottle and find a bar in me

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