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Carbon Leaf - Torn To Tattered tab

Torn to Tattered - Carbon Leaf
Tabbed by:  Rsonist

Tuning:  Standard

Bass(tabbed for guitar)

| /  slide up
| h  hammer-on
| p  pull-off

**This repeats throughout the entire song, with some variation.
I've tabbed out the most noticeable ones below in the parts of the song which they occur.**


**The only chord you need for the verses is A.
For the second part of the verse, you can listen to the song to tell where to play and 
to mute.
I've found that you can also vary at times with A5 and Asus4, but it's up to you.
The verses are really all about improvisation, but you can just stick with A and it'll 

In a classroom somewhere alone
Looking at the window scene
Tune out the tutor in me
Sun is going down through the line of trees
I day dream

And in my head I walk along
All the paths we have been on
There is a chance to bridge the line
Between two points ruptured in time
You lived your life like nothing else mattered
And now you're torn, torn to tattered

    E                 A
And I don't need any apology
             E                 A
And you know I don't need any apology
           E          A
And it's a long walk away
           E          A
Oh, it's a long walk away
      A(slow)   A5(slow)
Torn, tattered. torn...

Certain things make me feel
Like it was when we could steal
The magic of moments real
Revisit. remember. reunion. re-ember
The white smell of burning leaves
Walk along...

**The bass part changes to this just before the next verse then changes back**

                                  \   triplets   /

You walk the path like Charlie Brown
You're full of hope, but with your head down
And you only have one eye to see
The other's closed, and too scared to peek
And silence of the heart can leave you shattered
And now you're torn, torn to tattered


(Bass solo)


**Then goes back to the original bass tab.**

Through the line of trees I dream
of only good remembering
I think of you. was it...
Was it ever so bad my friend? And what was...
What was ever so bad my friend?

And in my head I walk along,
All of the paths we should be on
The sun is down, enjoyed the dream
I'm full of hope, that you think of me
I think of you and how much you mattered
When I'm torn, torn to tattered



This is my 2nd tab.  Hope you enjoyed it!  :)
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