Carla Bruni - I Went To Heaven chords

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Note: Play F#/C# this way: x44322, so simply leaving the top F# note out.

D          Bm
 I went to heaven, -
Em             A
 'Twas a small town,
D            Bm
  Lit with a ruby,
Em           A
 Lathed with down.
G             Gm        A
 Stiller than the fields
    D   F#/C# Bm
 At the full  dew,
G          Gm         A
 Beautiful as pictures
 D               A
 No man drew. No-o man dre-e-w

D             Bm
  People like the moth,
Em                  A
  Of mechlin, frames,
D          Bm
 Duties of gossamer,
Em                A
  And eider names.
G          Gm     A
 Almost contented
  D F#/C#   Bm
I-I cooould be
G            Gm    A
 'Mong such unique
  D        A       D
Society, society-y-y.
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