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Carlisle Belinda - Leave A Light On For Me tab

From: (Mario Gagnon)

{t:Leave a Light On For Me}
{st:Belinda Carlisle}

||: [D]----- [A]----- [Em]----- [Bm]----- [A]----- :||
{c:Verse 1:}
[C]Take my [G]hand - [Dm]tell me [Am]what you are [G]feeling
[C]Underst[G]and - [Dm]this is [Am]just the beg[G]inning
[C]Although I [G]have to go
[Dm]It makes me [F]feel like crying
[C]I don't know w[G]hen I'll see you ag[A]ain...

     Honey leave a [D]light on for m[D]e
     I'll be there befo[Bm]re you close the do[F#m]or
     To gi[Bm]ve you all the [F#m]love that you [G]need 
     Darling leave a l[D]ight on for me [D]
     Cos when the [Bm]world takes me a[F#m]way
     [Bm]You are still the [F#m]air that I b[G]reathe  

I [G]can't explain, [A]I don't know
[D]Just how far I [Gm]have to go...
But darling [D]I'll keep the peace
[A]Just leave a [G]light on for me

{c:Verse 2}
Yes I know what I'm asking is crazy
You could go, just get tired of waiting
But if I lose your love
Put off by my desire
That would be the one regret of my life

[A]Just like a [G]spark lights up the [A]dark
Baby [G]that's your heart
Baby [G]that's your heart
Baby [G]that's your heart

{c:Axe solo}

repeat Chorus to fade, assorted whines and overdubs
Mario Gagnon            
Northern Telecom Canada
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