Carlos Whittaker - Grace Already Won chords

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C Am7 G F C Am7 G F

F                    C              G
Set your eyes on the cross and your heart will see
F                    C         G
There is freedom for us and victory
F                     C              G         F           G
Set your hope on this love and your soul will sing, forever sing


C                   Am7                  G                     F
Grace already won, grace has covered us, grace runs deep, itís never
C                       Am7                  G         F     
Grace is strong enough, grace will overcome, grace will be our 

F                    C            G
Let your joy in this place break down these walls
F                    C            G
He has shattered our chains once and for all
F                   C           G         F           G
With the loudest of praise our song will be, forever be

(Repeat Chorus x2)

G                  Am7    F      G           Am7               F       G
Sons and daughters of the Living God, with rejoicing come and lift Him up
                   Am7       F        G         F
Come with dancing, come and shout His praise always
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