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Caro Emerald - I Know That Hes Mine chords

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Three o'clock on a late Sunday morning, the candles have burned to their end
Found the pictures we've taken, and now I'm awakened
And aleep's my invisible friend
So I'm staring the hands off my wall clock, seems both of us just hang around
Got no one to warm me and nothing to hold
My body needs what it don't have


Without him I really don't mind
A little bit lonely, he'll make up in time
As long as he loves me
He'll answer his crime
The door stays wide open
A7               Dm
I know that he's mine

The tracks of my tears keep on freezin', I'm melting the cold in the halls
I feel like I'm drownin'
There's no one around
And now I'm just climbing the walls

Perhaps if I played the seductress, a passionate woman of guile
He'd be there in a minute
The heat won't diminish
He'd wear nothing more than a smile


Charlie keep singin' that chanson, your words always make so much sense
And though they're in French
I've got no defense
I know that I'm reaching the end

So rumors keep flying around me, it's you I refuse to believe
He's right 'round the corner
He knows that I'm home now
And nobody calls me naive

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